Getting Started

Futsal is like a mix of soccer and basketball played on a tennis or basketball court. It’s fast paced and a lot of fun to play with friends. Head over to Lincoln Park to learn to play or jump in on one of the pickup games.

Important Info

When to Go

Lincoln Park is great all summer, spring and fall.

What to Bring

A water bottle, some sunscreen, and some sneakers!

Difficulty - Easy

It’s not very hard to do this activity!

Accessibility - Medium

This area is wheelchair accessible, but this activity requires some physical exertion.

Insider Info

Even if there isn’t a game going on, the goals are still set up. You can still practice your shot!

Side Trek

There is a big splash pad at Lincoln Park. After a long game of futsal, use the bathroom at the park to change into swim suit and cool off.

Getting There from Downtown Grand Rapids


1.8 mi in 10 mins


Take route 12 Stop at Bridge and Garfield


Average rideshare is $6.45


Take Fulton Street west to Garfield and turn north. The park is on your right.